Olivenpaste mit Tomate Peperoni

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Olivenpaste mit sonnengetrockneten Tomaten und Peperoni (nicht scharf).

Diese gesunde mediterrane Vorspeise wird auf dem Fruchtfleisch der Olive hergestellt und bereichert jede Mahlzeit.

Auf Brot, mit Eiern, als Dip für Brotstangen oder als Teil einer Käseplatte. Sie ist auch eine fantastische Ergänzung zu jeder hausgemachten Tomatensauce für Pasta oder Pizza.

Inhalt: 130g

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To make something special, you need passion and love for what you do. This is what the Kelidis family dated Family business Kyklopas made a passion with olive oil production. The Kyklopas olive mill is located in Makri, an idyllic village in Evros Prefecture, in northern Greece. In the middle of one of the oldest olive groves, the family owns 12,000 olive trees and 2,000 organically grown trees of the popular Makri olives. In one of the oldest olive groves in the Mediterranean, the Makri variety has been grown for thousands of years and with consistently high quality. The high quality olive oil is known far beyond the borders and has already won several national and international awards.

Sustainable enjoyment 

It is not for nothing that olive oil is called liquid gold, because it is one of the healthiest oils in the world and a gift from nature. Therefore, the family business harvests and processes the olives with great care. Makri olive oil is enriched with healthy fats, it is delicious, versatile and contains all kinds of positive side effects. It is used for cooking, frying, baking, in salads, dips and as a natural product. Olive oil from the Kyklopas olive mill is of high quality and is gently produced by cold pressing (cold extraction below 25 degrees). Its unique aromas and delicious taste can pamper the most demanding palate.

It's just a small step from harvest to oil

The olives are harvested at the best possible time of ripening with modern vibration machines. They are loaded into well-ventilated boxes and processed as quickly as possible. There are only a few hours between harvest and processing. The precious oil is filtered through paper so that the natural aroma is retained. Thanks to the gentle process, the oil has a low acid content, which ensures excellent quality. It is stored in an air-conditioned stainless steel tank until the oil is bottled in-house, of course in accordance with ISO standards.

Excellent performance and high quality combined with hard work has put the Kyklopas olive mill at the forefront of Greek oil producers. The company is therefore able to continuously modernize its work equipment and harvest it with the best machines. This always gives the consumer the guarantee that they are buying the best possible product.

Makri oil - a treasure of nature 

Makri olives have a balance of bitter heat and a fruity aroma. Depending on the oil, the palate can enjoy notes of red fruits, artichokes or vanilla. An intense gold tone confirms the excellent properties of Makri olive oil. This shows that the Kelidis family produces the outstanding olive oil with dedication and a keen sense for small details, and that by hand and using vibration combing. You can enjoy it sensually!

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