"Hecho por México" - zamaa

Made in and for Mexico

The Mexican ceramics of each region have specific characteristics that set them apart from the rest, as they are different in their nature, the production method or the material used. The diversity of Mexico is reflected in it.

What moves us

Here at Zamaa, we love free, pure, imperfect shapes. These desired shapes are created by handwork, which make each individual part unique and unique at the same time. It is the people who give the product value with their hands and their passion for their work.


Our work

We combine classic tradition with timeless design. With our unique pieces in bright colors we want to bring the Mexican joie de vivre into the world. 

Although we specialize in ceramic production, we would like to expand our product range and complement it with other traditional products made of glass, clay and textiles. We also produce commissioned work that is precisely tailored to the special interests of our customers. Simply contact ocuel for this.


Origin of our products

Our products are all handcrafted by artisans from different regions of Mexico under fair conditions. It is turning ceramics. Quality is important to us, which is why all of our products are extremely robust and lead-free.