Function meets mission. We work with hundreds of artisans from structurally weak regions to create your items for your daily use and travel companions. Our mission is to lift millions of people out of poverty. We are currently working with around 200 artisans in five of the poorest states in Mexico to produce high-quality clothing and accessories using traditional handicrafts.

our mission

We believe in a world without poverty. We are committed to creating regular and fair employment opportunities and at the same time promoting the preservation of millennia-old traditions through timeless and durable products.


Our products

Pocket tee. It is the perfect addition to everyone's t-shirt collection and should not be missing in any wardrobe. The T-shirt is your perfect companion and saves your day if you stow credit cards, car keys or headphones in your breast pocket from loss. This is embroidered by craftsmen in Puebla using the "bordado de contado" method and is made from 90% local materials.