"Our vision is to empower the world for a better tomorrow." - ocuel

High quality & unique

We work with small manufacturers to make them visible with their mostly handcrafted products. Each individual has their own story, which makes them so special and which we value. 

Sustainable in action

We take responsibility for people, the environment and society. Our actions are always based on the highest ethical standards and in harmony with nature and people. For example, all packages and shipping materials are either recycled or manufactured in a way that conserves resources.

Transparent, independent and fair

We maintain direct and independent business relationships with our local partners on site. With information on partners, products and production on various platforms, we create transparency across the entire value chain.

The faces and the making of ocuel

Rafail and Lisa share a passion for social entrepreneurship, sustainability, enjoyment and quality. We have made it our business to make people and regions with their uniqueness visible and easily accessible. ocuel means again and stands for sustainability - which is the core element of our actions. Discover and experience with us a fair world filled with pleasure and beauty. We invite you to be part of it. Let’s make the world a fairer place together through conscious consumption.

Rafail has Greek roots. During the severe financial crisis, he got the idea to sell the ecological and high quality food in Germany to help his family and friends. Enthusiastic about the diversity and beauty that he was able to experience during his travels, the original idea was expanded.

Lisa has been a designer for nine years and develops innovative products. She loves to travel, discover new things and develop concepts. Her passion for design thinking and social entrepreneurship brought her together with Rafail in 2016.

Together they developed the concept for this platform in Mexico and are continuously working on sharing the treasures of this world with you.